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A Poem and Story: The Dandyfosilthiselwig and The Salute of the Legion by Kiril Kundurazieff


There never was a weed so odd,
So pretty, and so big,
As the curious plant called
The Dandyfosilthiselwig.
There it was, by itself,
In a square patch of dirt,
Surrounded by fencing as if in a brig,
The lonesome Dandyfosilthiselwig.

With a stem round and sturdy, and a skin course and wrinkly,
It rose toward the heavens.
What others thought it gave not a fig, this,
The proud Dandyfosilthiselwig.

It began as a seedling dropped by a bird.
Its natural instincts subverted by cat pee and turd.
Spring roots sprouted, and began to dig.
Thus did the new kid on the block, the Dandyfosilthiselwig.

Yellow at birth, green in its youth,
It gave off a smell that was most uncouth.
But as the seasons changed, and it climbed to the sky,
Indications were seen that this was no mere twig.
The budding Dandyfosilthiselwig.

A triangle-shaped flower emerged at the top,
Its color that of long curdled slop.
One had to wonder why God gave it this gig.
The weird looking Dandyfosilthiselwig.

Then came the fruit, all blue and white spotted.
About its benefits the scientists became besotted.
Beautiful and tasty, past opinions were soon judged hasty,
As it was discovered to be the cure for a prig.
A glorious freak of nature, the Dandyfosilthiselwig.


A tribute to writers, and those
who have inspired them to write:


The Coliseum floor is covered by neat, orderly, ranks of Warriors.
They carry the accoutrements of their profession with pride, and confidence.
Confidence in their ability to acquit themselves well, and bring honor to
their family, and country, and those from whom they continue to learn to hone their skills.
As they gaze out at the seats around them, filled to the top with all the
people who have played a role in helping them get this far, they prepare to pay homage to them on the verge of what is to come....
The Field of Ideas is covered by neat, orderly, ranks of nervous, yet eager, wordsmiths.
Men, women, boys, and girls, of all ages, races, and religious, and political backgrounds, dressed in whatever they feel most comfortable in to perform the tasks they have set for themselves beyond this day.
They carry laptops, notebooks, pens, and pencils, with pride, and confidence.
Confidence in their ability to acquit themselves well as journalists, poets, fiction, and non-fiction writers of all types, and bring honor to their family, and friends, who encouraged them, the writers who inspired them, and the teachers, whether in the classroom, or in books bought
off the store shelf, from whom they strived to learn the craft of writing.
As they gaze out at the mass of people gathered around them, all the people who have played a role in helping them get this far, they
prepare to pay homage to them on the verge of what is to come....
All conversation stops...
The ranks come to attention...
And, as one, they extend their weapons of choice in front of them, and speak...
Their voices ringing loud, and strong, so no-one could fail to hear them...


Bio: Kiril Kundurazieff has been a creative writer, blogger, reporter, photographer, freelance writer, poet and storyteller, since 2002.  Kiril has created more than 4500 blog posts of original content for four blogs (2 still active) on the themes of creative writing, hobbies, culture and society, personal journey, and enlightenment, adventures in bicycling, and unique “cat opinions and thoughts”. The hallmark of Kundurazieff’s writing is his wit and peculiar sense of humor. 

Kundurazieff began critter writing on a whim in 1998, by introducing himself as his cat on a public message board.  One thing lead to another and eventually, Kundurazieff’s introduction blossomed into participating in the early years of critter blogging, beginning in 2004, leading to the creation of full-fledged writing voices of his cats.

Kundurazieff relocated to Houston, Texas in September of 2012 after having lived in southern California all his life.  Kundurazieff shares his apartment with his cats.

Mr. Nikita, born in 1998, a part Maine Coon who was his original creative muse when he went online in 1998. He made the journey to Rainbow Bridge on October 25, 2013.

Elvira Mistress of Felinity, a beautiful Tortie, Born Feb. 2010, found on his doorstep, July 2010.

Sneakers The Texian Tuxedo, born Sept. 2013, walked out of some bushes and into his heart, in November 2013.

Kiril is a published ( unpaid ) Star Trek author, with an essay in Best of Trek #15, a book that has been out of print for over 20 years. He has been quoted in the book How to Live Well Without Owning a Car by Chris Balish, published in 2006.
In 2013 he has made guest blogger appearances on other blogs, became a professional member of the Cat Writers' Association, and completed his first financially compensated writing on healf of Hill's Ideal Balance cat food.

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